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How is the site secured?
What are the basic accessibility practices?
What are the Terms and Conditions I agree to when using the Alerus website?
How do I change my User ID, Password, security question, or security answer?
How do I change my Password?
What is the difference between an investment election change and a transfer, realignment, or automatic rebalance?
What is the difference between vested and non-vested money?
Why are my election %'s and balance %'s different?
What is the difference between the “Realign my Existing Balance” option and the “Transfer Specific Amounts” option?
How do I sign up to realign my account automatically?
How do I view or cancel my Automatic Rebalance transaction?
Can I cancel a transaction I submitted?
What happens to contributions deposited into my account before I have selected my investment elections?
What are the Client Service Center hours?
What are mutual fund redemption fees and when are they charged?
Which mutual funds charge a redemption fee?
What is an excessive trading policy and how will it affect me?
Which fund companies enforce an excessive trading policy?
How do I download my account history?
What is the difference between “Realized Gain/Loss” and “Unrealized Gain/Loss”?
Where can I find the asset class for a mutual fund in our Plan?